Are you interested to take a vacation in the Philippines and experience an unforgettable moments? Then, you can do that. In order to reach the country here are some guides provided for better information. Once you happen to stop Manila, Philippines flights are easy to access going to Cebu City as it is available daily.

From Cebu City, tourists can have a scenic road trip through the coastal towns of southern Cebu. Once you reach the town of Oslob located 117 km south of Cebu, a trip going to  Sumilon Island will take 10 minutes via pump boat in Bangcogon, Oslob. This kind of vessel is popular in coastal towns of the country as a mode of inter- island transportation. It is an outrigger canoe powered by a diesel engine or gasoline. The outrigger serves as a support on the boat to provide a balance.

Then going to Santander, Cebu will only take less than 30 minutes of drive from Bangcogon, Oslob. If there is no private ride, public bus are available. In this town there are numerous numbers of sea ports. Lilo-an, Santander has the sea port for fast ferry and on a walking distance are the pump boats. Both take passengers to Sibulan, Negros Oriental. If you happen to have a private ride then you can take a barge in Bato, Santander Cebu or Mainit, Oslob Cebu which serves as a border between two towns. The former will dock at Tampi, San Jose Negros Oriental while the latter at Looc, Sibulan Negros Oriental.

This is the seaport of Lilo-an, Santander Cebu as mentioned above where a fast ferry on a white color is waiting for passengers to be on board. The travel time for this vessel is only 15 minutes bound to Sibulan, Negros Oriental.

Here are the lists of schedules for fast ferry.


          From Lilo-an to Sibulan                                    From Sibulan to Lilo-an

                     4:30AM                                                           5:00AM     
                     5:30AM                                                           6:00AM
                     6:30AM                                                           7:00AM
                     7:30AM                                                           8:00AM              
                     8:30AM                                                           9:30AM
                     9:30AM                                                           10:00AM
                    10:30AM                                                          11:00AM
                    11:30AM                                                          12:00PM
                    12:30PM                                                          1:00PM
                    1:30PM                                                            2:00PM   
                    2:30PM                                                            3:00PM
                    3:30PM                                                            4:00PM
                    4:30PM                                                            5:00PM
                    6:00PM                                                            6:30PM
                    7:30PM                                                            8:00PM

For pump boats the schedules for the trip are every hour and available daily on both seaports starting from 6:00AM to 5:00PM from Lilo-an to Sibulan. The trip for Sibulan to Liloan starts at 6:30AM to 5:30PM.