Tired from work and certainly need to have a place where you could relax and have fun? You are almost there. Take your breath as you will experience a great adventure by means of island hopping here in Philippines particularly Region VII. Here, we could start Sumilon Island. It is located very near to the two towns of Cebu Province namely Oslob, Cebu and Santander, Cebu. Quiet very small in land area but offers a whole lot of fun.

Yes, do not forget to bring your camera to take pictures and capture the moments of reality here in Sumilon. As we know that photography is purely a hobby we indulge in when we get the chance to click the shutter button. So the chance is now because in this island it makes us see the beauty of the world and not just by taking a glance. Seeing the beauty of underwater creatures like fishes of different colours spotted on coral reefs will make our eyes to wander. It will make us to continue to explore and to appreciate another kind of beauty exclusively found under the ocean. This could be accomplished simply by grabbing a mask and a snorkel along with a camera to click on. With an island escapade a combination of activities could be done such as walking while viewing the island, taking pictures either on land or underwater, boat sailing and kayaking. Thus, Sumilon never runs out of these awesome activities. Isn’t it a wonderful experience?


Next interesting destination to visit is Santander , Cebu 30 minutes drive from Oslob, Cebu. It is the southernmost tip of Cebu Province. A Spanish priest in the 18th century gave this name taken from the place he belonged in Spain. Though considered as one of the small town it comprises of 11 beaches and more tourists are attracted because of its clean and green environment. This town has an ordinance of anti spitting and anti littering law. In relation to these, there will be penalty once caught throwing garbage and spitting anywhere especially in public places. In this town, you can attain peace and serenity. On the other hand, annual town fiesta will be celebrated in honor of St. Gabriel de Archangel, the town's patron saint. This falls every third Sunday of April. Before the fiesta celebration that is after holy week, the folks are all excited to join various activities mostly in the field of sports. During the evening several variety shows will be performed and it is just for free. No tickets at all because those are mostly sponsored by the generous people of Santander.  It is their way of entertaining visitors from local and abroad.

Santander has its own famous delicacy called tostado or native cookies in which visitors from other places would crave for this kind of food. According to the folks the fiesta is not complete without the so called tostado. Thus, Tostado Festival is launched as the main highlight and attraction among other festive activities. It is in a form of a dance participated by different barangays in town. The concept of the dance is unique because it will feature the steps on how to make the tostado. Guess what? This event is being prepared well for the participants because months before the competition they will take time to practice every day. Indeed, an exciting event to attend to.

One main advantage of Santander, Cebu is that it bridges towards Negros another neighboring island through pump boat or fast ferry located in Liloan, Santander Cebu to Sibulan, Negros Oriental.


We are now moving into another island again which is Negros. Sibulan is one of the municipalities where the captivating twin lakes of Lake Balinsasayao can be found. This serves as one of the major tourist attractions in the island. Aside from that, Sibulan is known for its patron Saint Anthony de Padua. A large number of people from its municipality and outside will visit the church especially every thirteenth of the month to show their devotion.

Talking about Negros a must see event is the Buglasan Festival, a provincial fiesta promoting agriculture and tourism featuring cultural events like dances, songs, and sports competition. The said festival begins every third Friday of October lasting for 12 days of celebration participated from different municipalities and cities of the entire Negros Oriental. It is held in Dumaguete, the city of gentle people.

What serves as the main window of the event are the creative designs of cottages or booths from participants. They proudly present their natural resources and landmarks. Each booth proudly exposed agriculture products and souvenir items. If you want to have a remembrance you can avail for it because others are for sale. Moreover, tourism spots are also showed in a form of miniature displays and photo exhibit. Thus, through this kind of festival visitors will be more informed about Negros Oriental.


To add up the list of tourist destination Siquijor is highly recommended. It is only a small island comprising of 6 towns. Yet small but has big possessions to be proud of namely its beautiful beach resorts and the friendly people. This is also known as The Island of Fire because during night time fireflies of flickering lights will be seen. If you want to live a peaceful environment where you would only hear the waves of the sea splashing to the coastline and the singing of the birds then it’s the right place to be.

Tourists would really enjoy this island because they can easily tour the whole Siquijor in less than a half day as long as rides are available. All the roads are paved thus making it easier to drive. It’s perfect for a joyride because of its scenic views and old churches in every town where you would appreciate its façade and interior.